The 4 best rebounders!

The 4 best rebounders!

Rebounders have become an integral part of the football market. Many different types of football rebounders have been developed over the past few years, but which are the right ones? And what are the differences?

Footballgadgets has highlighted some rebounders that are available with additional information about the differences.

M Station P10
The M Station P10 is the latest version of the M Station range. A compact rebounder and one of the strongest of its kind. The rebounder is easy to use in the garden or at the club. You decide for yourself how slanted you place the P10 and whether you go for low assumptions or a volley.

Replay Station Passing Board
The Replay Station rebounder is one of the smallest rebounders of the moment. This makes it easy to move and transport. It has two functions where you can set whether you want to receive your ball over the ground or through the air. Perfect for training your assumptions out of thin air!

Spot Elite Mini Rebounder
The name of this Quickplay Rebounder says it all. With the drawn Spot on the rebounder, it indicates exactly where you need to hit the ball for optimal bounce. This gives it sufficient speed when you hit the right spot and you can perfectly train your bounce and assumption at a distance of about 2 meters.

Quickster Soccer Trainer
This well-known rebounder from the American brand SKLZ is a unique one. A unique design and very easy to set up. In addition, you can use it with two people where one player trains the low pass and the other the ball control from the air. It is one of the few rebounders on the market where you can train with 2 people at the same time.

Curious about even more rebounders for your football training? Check out our Rebounders collection and keep an eye on our range for the new Goalgetter rebounder that will be on the market at the end of 2021!