Interactive football innovations are becoming increasingly popular as training materials

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Interactive football innovations are becoming increasingly popular as training materials

Interactive training materials for your football training

In recent years, numerous training materials that consist of a new technology have been developed. For clubs, companies and consumers. Footballgadgets has listed a number of football gadgets and innovations that are easy to use by children and adults, with extra explanation about the possibilities. The range of interactive football training materials comes from various countries such as Finland, United Kingdom, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

1. Xampion Tracking System
This Finnish wearable consists of 1 pair of shoe soles, including sensors, which are linked to an app via Bluetooth. You collect various data from your own training such as your sprint speed, distance, shot power in km per hour, touch points left and right and the number of ball contacts. In a well-arranged app you will find all collected data from your own training to further develop your football skills.

2. Kicktrix Ballmaster
The Kicktrix Ballmaster is a unique training tool to improve your skills in a small space. So small that you can even use this training product in your own home! With a circular mat you train your ball control and agility of both feet without the need for a trainer. Master the ball with this soccer innovation and develop your soccer skills faster than ever.

3. Kick Trix Junior
The Kicktrix Junior can be used for any age, and also for the very youngest. It is one of the most unique football training products in our range and offers support in keeping the ball high. Especially for beginners or the youngest football players, this is a handy tool to train your coordination and dexterity.

4.Quickfeet Trainer
The Quickfeet Trainer is no stranger to soccer players and soccer coaches. But it remains a fun and unique way of training. With the visual scoreboard you can see which panel to hit, with speed, passing accuracy and reaction forming the basis of this training tool. With a small surface you can easily train this in your own garden.

5.Ball Mastery mat
The Ball Mastery mat is the newcomer of all Footballgadgets training materials. With your own mat, with a sleek design, and online videos you can get started to train your dexterity. Wipe off the dust and stick the mat to your floor, on any surface. The mat is a fairly simple training material to learn your football skills but super fun for children. You measure how quickly you have completed all actions that

SmartGoals is a Dutch football innovation that is widely used by football clubs and schools in and outside the Netherlands. The SmartGoals are available through our partner , and the accessories from SmartGoals can be purchased through our side gadgets page. We use the same prices as the supplier, so you never pay again.

Want to know more about football innovations? Check out the website for innovations for football clubs and training facilities.