Kicktrix football innovations extremely popular with Footballgadgets!

Kicktrix football innovations extremely popular with Footballgadgets!

You will probably have noticed the various Kicktrix training materials in our webshop. Since day 1, Footballgadgets has been selling Kicktrix's interactive football innovations, starting with the Kicktrix Trainer and Kicktrix Ballmaster. Later on, the Kicktrix Pro, consisting of the latest technology, and the Kicktrix Junior for the littlest ones were also added.

Kick Trix Trainer
The Trainer is available from moment one as a training tool to learn to keep up. Especially for the younger target group, this is a handy tool to learn the first steps towards keeping up. The trainer ensures that the ball always comes back, which is of course not the case in real life.

Because the coordination of the young talents has not yet been fully developed, the Kicktrix Trainer offers the solution, whereby the ball always returns to the player and you can therefore keep the ball high more often. This ensures more perseverance and fun!

Kicktrix Ballmaster
One of the latest football innovations is the Ballmaster . The mat consists of technology and small LED lights with various interactive games. You train your dribbling and short footwork in a fun way by always placing the ball on the illuminated light. By following these trainings you will master the ball and you can move the ball from one place to another faster.

The Ballmaster has a diameter of 120 cm and, just like the Kicktrix Trainer, is easy to use in the living room or bedroom! For example, here you can see how former Real Madrid and current PSG player Sergio Ramos uses it at home.

Kicktrix Ballmaster


Kicktrix Pro
The 2.0 version of the Trainer. With the Kicktrix Pro you also train your high-maintenance skills, but the number of times is also automatically tracked! Play one of the games to measure your time or the number of times you can hold the ball high. A unique way to fully focus on training your skills without having to count yourself.

Kick Trix Junior
With this variant, we don't forget the little ones. Its light weight makes it easy to use for kids between 3 and 6 years old. If the Trainer is still a little too big, this is the perfect step to start with. Small talents can get started right away!