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Plyometric training increases your explosive power. With the Gymstick Plyobox you can perform plyometric exercises. A plyometric exercise stimulates your muscles to deliver as much force as possible in the shortest possible time. Jump higher or further, start faster, hit harder, shoot better, this form of functional fitness ensures that you go like a rocket. And so see and notice progress faster!

With functional training you imitate the movements that you need a lot in your favorite sport. Plyobox training is also a part of crossfit, Bootcamp and MMA (Mixed Material Arts) training routines. The Gymstick Plyo box is suitable for all training levels, including the novice athlete. The Gymstick Plyobox has a strong construction with a welded steel frame. The wide bottom forms a stable surface that does not falter or tip over during your jump. It has a rubber no-slip top that offers a lot of grip. The plyo boxes are easily stackable and can be used as a set.

The plyo boxes are available in the following 4 sizes:

  • 30 cm (surface top = 33 x 33 cm)
  • 45 cm (surface top = 37 x 37 cm)
  • 60 cm (surface top = 43 x 43 cm)
  • 75 cm (surface top = 50 x 50 cm)