Fitness Wallballs - 5 different weights

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The Gymstick Wallball is a soft, weighted ball. You can use the Wallball for all exercises that you do with a standard medicine ball, but you can also use it for exercises where you throw the ball. Such as throwing the ball over with a training buddy or by throwing the ball against the wall and catching it again. This way you train your arm, chest and leg muscles super effectively!

The Gymstick Wallball is named after a well-known exercise that you can perform with this ball. Wall Ball is a well-known exercise from the crossfit and functional training world. In this exercise you throw a weighted ball against the wall, catch it, and then make a squat movement. Wall Ball is an exercise that you perform several times in a row. Experienced crossfit fans sometimes talk about Karen; Perform 150 wall balls as fast as possible. And that is an intensive exercise. With wall ball you use a large part of your body. Actually, this is a combination of two classic weightlifting moves: the squat and the press, complemented by the coordination of the throwing.

The Wallball is available in 5 different weight classes. Ordered before 11:00 AM is delivered the next day!