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A foam roller is a handy tool for the recovery of your body and specific muscles. You see it done by many football players, but it is not always entirely clear how exactly this should be used. Footballgadgets explains how to best use the Foam Roller.

Start by lying on your back, align the roller with your body, and roll your body over the foam roller. Try to relax your entire body and make sure you don't feel any pain. We recommend dividing your body into three parts and massaging each part with the grid foam roller for about 30 seconds. The Foam Roller removes thickenings in the soft tissue during the massage, giving muscles more room to move. This sports massage tackles problem areas (trigger points) and also loosens scar tissue / stuck muscles (knots and adhesions). This is also called the myofascial massage, a release technique that is becoming increasingly well known in the Netherlands.

In addition, it is also a good tool to stabilize your core and improve your endurance. In addition, the use of a foam roller ensures a better balance of your lower body. These factors are essential for your overall fitness and the core of your body will also be improved. This will also prevent back problems in the long run.

Do you suffer from complaints, do you want to prevent them or are you looking for support with a good warming-up/cooling-down? Then try the yoga foam roller 33 cm, with a diameter of 14 cm, made of high-quality materials. Obviously suitable for football, including a 2 year warranty.