Power Rack - 2 adjustable fitness paralleles

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Goalgetters Power Rack is an adjustable fitness product to improve your strength in different ways. By using the Power Rack instead of regular training devices, several muscle fibers are put to work, so that you progress faster. Where and how you want:

Goalgetters training materials have multiple functions. The Power Rack has 4 core exercises for the largest muscle groups.

  • Abdomen: Balance both arms on the paralletes with your torso upright and bring your knees, either simultaneously or alternately, toward your stomach.
  • Legs: Balance both arms on the paralettes with your torso upright and bring your legs forward in a straight position. Take turns or at the same time. Make it harder by doing it several times in a row or by holding it at the highest point!
  • Back: hang from the paralettes with your legs stretched forward and pull yourself up. Make sure it goes simultaneously with both arms. Make it harder by holding on to the top!
  • Chest: hang above the paralettes and drop down to push yourself up again explosively!

Each exercise can be made more difficult by increasing the number of reps or holding yourself still in the toughest positions.

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2 Goalgetter paralletes are always delivered.