Pro Foam Grid Roller

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The Pro Foam Grid Roller is another unique recovery product from Footballgadgets. The Pro Foam Grid Roller removes painful muscle knots, improves blood flow, and can reduce pain and even scar tissue. You can use this foam roller to massage yourself before or after your training or football match or at any time wherever and whenever you want. The Grid Roller is one of Footballgadets' training materials that you can easily take with you to desired places.

This massage form is called self-myofascial release, and you can compare it with a firm sports massage. You put pressure on trigger points, places in your body where your muscles feel painful or annoying. These trigger points are places where your muscle has become tangled. Your muscle is shortened, and is pinched by the connective tissue that surrounds it. With sufficient pressure on such a muscle knot, you push the connective tissue aside and give your muscle freedom of movement back. Even if you do not suffer from muscle knots, you can use self-myofascial release to increase the freedom of movement of your muscles.

Regular massage gives your muscles more space and increases blood flow. In fitness and personal training, a foam roller is often used as part of a warm up to loosen up your muscles, or on rest days to keep your muscles moving in a light way. Of course, this Pro Foam Grid Roller from Footballgadgets is good to use after your training.