SKLZ Agility trainer pro - 10 pieces

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The unique trapezoidal design of the SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro does what other agility trainers cannot. It increases your speed, strength and agility with realistic game-like movements. You don't do sports in a straight line and from now on you don't train anymore. With the SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro you can recreate the crooked and broken patterns from your sport to cut, turn and change direction. With this you develop the foot speed and precision to break open or lock a match.

The SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro is durable and suitable for any surface, including wooden floors, grass, artificial grass, gravel and sand. This trainer does not slip and does not hinder you during your training. This is the must-have agility trainer for anyone looking to improve their footwork. Available in sets of 10 with a carrying strap.