SKLZ Solo football rebounder

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Increase your reaction time and technique thanks to the SKLZ Soccer Trainer Solo . A super sturdy football rebounder. Try to hit the ball with your foot, hip, chest or head as it bounces back. The big advantage is that you don't need an extra person with this football trainer, so you can always train. In the garden or on the street, wherever you want!

The SKLZ Soccer Trainer Solo is designed like a mini soccer goal with one important difference: a stretched elastic net with target. As soon as the ball hits the net, it bounces back almost immediately. So you have to quickly determine what your next move is.

The SKLZ Soccer Trainer Solo is a top rebounder for soccer, for anyone who wants to improve their passing, reaction time and technique. Especially children from 8 to 15 years old will benefit from this football trainer. Of course, younger children and adults can also use this trainer.

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