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The Rubber Speed ladder from Gymstick is 4.5 meters long and is divided into 10 surfaces. This rubber ladder won't scratch your floor and will stay in place while you train. A top gadget to use in your garden or even in your home. Footballgadgets delivers the rubber Speed ladder to your home, with free shipping!

With a speed ladder you improve your coordination and speed so that you can handle yourself better on the field. Your feet are forced to move quickly through the narrow pockets. When you are forced to move quickly in a certain pattern, an impulse travels from the muscles to the nervous system and back again. The more often you perform this exercise, the more your nervous system is trained and thus the faster you become. And so the faster you get rid of your opponent. An ideal training tool for your football training or to use in your own time.

Not only improves your overall speed, but also your lateral and forward foot speed. In addition to speed, you also improve your maneuverability. This is useful for sports where you have to make unexpected movements such as football. A training ladder forces you to move your feet quickly and accurately, improving your responsiveness.