Speedsac sprint trainer

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The SKLZ SpeedSac Sprint Trainer puts your opponents behind! Is your speed sometimes a bummer during a match? If you ever come across this, the SKLZ SpeedSac Sprint Trainer is the solution! The use of variable resistance (removable weight pockets) when sprinting ensures that the lower body becomes stronger and that the explosive power increases. This simply means: start faster and sprint harder!

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The weight bag has three separate weight pockets on the inside that can be removed. This allows you to adjust the total weight to your training. Change the weight in an instant with the inner closure that also protects the loose weight pockets in the outer pocket. The weight bags are also equipped with handles so that you can use them separately for even more exercises. With the help of the belt attachment, you can easily tie the SKLZ SpeedSac Sprint Trainer around your waist. This belt is also adjustable, so that it meets your requirements and you can exercise comfortably.