Collapsible Football Goal - 200 x 100 cm

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Would you like to play football at home, but you don't have a place to permanently set up your football goal? Then go for it VirtuFit Football Goal. This football goal has a large size of no less than 200 x 100 cm and is easy to install in your garden and store it again.

Sturdy and compact football goal

The VirtuFit Collapsible Football Goal has a steel frame with a diameter of 32 mm, which makes it very sturdy and robust. Fold out the whole and simply click the elements together. Finally, you mount the PE net. This is easy to attach thanks to the black sleeves. Secure the goal with the included ground anchors to keep it firmly in place, even with hard shots.

VirtuFit Collapsible Soccer Goal Features

  • 200 x 100 cm
  • Easy to assemble due to the cotton sleeve
  • Polyester net
  • Includes 4 ground anchors