Soccer coach board magnetic

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The SKLZ Magnacoach Football Coach Board is a double-sided magnetic board and indispensable for every football coach. On one side of the coach board is a soccer field icon to line up the team. There are 24 magnets where all the names of the players can be written. It is easy to change a setup by moving a magnet. The other side of the SKLZ magna coach football coach board has 2 icons that map the defense and attack. There is room for notes and placing magnets. The coach board provides clear communication of line-up, player formations and tactics during a football match. Both sides of the coach board can be written on and afterwards the board is easy to wipe clean. The coach board is made of durable metal and PVC. These materials ensure that the coach board has a long life. The magna coach football comes with 24 magnets for setting up the team.


  • Dimensions 22 cm x 33 cm
  • Made of durable metal and PVC
  • Includes dry-erase marker and 24 magnets
  • Easy drafting of players, formations and tactics