Agility training materials

Agility training materials

Footballgadgets has various types of training materials for agility and running training. But what are the differences and which choice best suits your training goals? Footballgadgets has listed a number of agility training materials that are available from us to give an insight into the differences:

  • Football gadgets 2 in 1 ladder
  • Goalgetter Agility Master 3 in 1
  • Adjustable Hurdles
  • Hexagon agility ladder

The four gadgets mentioned above are different materials for gait training and are further explained below:

Football gadgets 2 in 1 ladder
Footballgadgets designed this 2 in 1 ladder itself and brought it in-house to be able to deliver a multifunctional product. That can be used by athletes of different ages and levels. The ladder can be used flat, but you can also choose to place each part of the ladder up. This creates a hurdle effect that requires you to raise the knees further, which means that the exercise becomes more intensive because more power is involved. This allows you to develop your stomach and thigh muscles faster, in other words your explosiveness!

Goalgetter Agility Master 3 in 1
This new development was designed by Goalgetter to be able to meet 3 different needs during training with one product. By offering more functions, Goalgetter wants to create more convenience during the training of athletes. Which should ensure faster development and more fun.

The functions of the Goalgetter Agility Master 3 in 1 :

  • Flat walkway ladder; use the hexagon-shaped ladder for regular ladder exercises.
  • Hurdles Ladder: Place half of each hexagon ring up so that you get a combination of hurdles and running ladder. This trains both your strength and running coordination. Which makes your brain work harder!
  • Hordes: would you rather use separate hordes? Which can! You just have to swap the short connectors with the long ones so that you have 8 different hurdles. You determine the distance yourself.

Adjustable agility hurdles
It doesn't always have to be complicated and multifunctional. But the adjustable options make this hurdle super easy to use. Adjust it to various heights depending on the age or level of the athlete. The height of each hurdle can be individually set. The set of adjustable agility hurdles comes with 5 hurdles.

Hexagon agility ladder
With this hexagon agility ladder you have a ladder at home that can be used in different ways. Normally you only run forward or sideways in the walkway, but with a hexagon shaped ladder you have 8 different ways to do your moves! So also go for diagonal running forms, which puts your brain to work and makes you work harder!