Goalgetter Alpha 5 In 1

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Goalgetter's latest football innovation consists of 5 different functions to improve your skills. Such as passing, first touch, ball control and shot accuracy.

A new football product to become a very complete player with high rebounder, low rebounder, flick up, Goalpong and chip target. All tools are supplied in one bag where you can change the rebounder, chip target and Goalpong nets yourself within seconds.
    Flick up
    Stand about 2-3 meters from the high net. Play the ball tight on the ground so that the ball is launched into the air. Then make sure you take the ball before it hits the ground. Always play the ball back after your assumption so that you can continue in smooth movements.

    How do you use the rebound side? Take a distance of 1 meter in front of the high or low net and play the ball alternating left and right to the net. Avoid bouncing when using the large net and make sure your body positioning is right when you alternate with your left and right foot. Only in this way you train both legs in an optimal way. When you get the hang of it, you can always increase the distance.

    Goal pong
    The newest game in the world to beat your opponent or set a record together! Goalpong is made to play two different games.

    You take turns serving, so try to steal your opponents' serve by getting a point! The first player to reach 9 points wins! You always play 3 sets in total. Players lose a point when the ball goes out of bounds, hits the net on your side or a post. Hit a maximum of 1 time.

    Both players choose one side of the field. The ball is allowed to bounce on your side once and players are required to always hit the ball twice! Then count the number of times you play the ball to each other and pass it on to us.

    Chip target
    Remove the large rebound net, replace it with the target net and start practicing your chip accuracy! This part is still a little surprise and will be online soon.